Braille Keyboard

The problem

For the blind and visually impaired, the smartphone has become an important means of getting in touch with the world. For this group, the smartphone is essential for communication, entertainment and navigation. Unfortunately, using the smartphone without sight is a lot trickier. The reading, in this case, of the information on the screen is worked out excellently by screen readers such as Apple Voiceover and Google talk back. However, what many are troubled with is the operation of the smartphone itself. Because a normal onscreen keyboard is inaccurate, uncontrollable and slow working, the solution is now often searched for in speech control. Unfortunately, speech control is inaccurate and makes privacy impossible. This makes everyday actions as a message send time-consuming and tedious.

Picture of Hable product
Picture of Hable product

The solution

Hable offers a solution to the above problem. Hable is a Braille keyboard specially designed for smartphones. It works with a combination of six Braille keys that can be used to spell out each letter and number. These six keys are complemented by function keys that allow functions such as space, enter, and backspace to be created. The keyboard is incorporated into a small device which can be clicked on the back of a phone and is similar to a smartphone case. The advantage of how approach is that the convenience of Braille is combined with the mobility of the smartphone. The Hable is the first device that allows a braille user to use their Smartphone accurately, fast and privately.